Music-Maker and independent music producer  since 1990, nowdays he has in his background several collaborations as an musician, composer, arranger and programmer with many classical, pop, rock, dance italian and international artists (R.Cacciapaglia, F.Battiato, Zucchero, Nikka Costa, Samantha Fox, Sandy Marton, Den Harrow), music for hundred international commercials (Campari, Heineken, Lindt, Subaru, Nissan) and award TV shows with the main italian networks such as, Mediaset and Rai (Passaparola,   Bulldozer, Meterore, La Notte Vola, Festival internazionale di Sanremo, I segreti dell’Isola di Kore’); more than one-thousand episodes playing on stage, as well.

Not only He’s an experienced high skilled audio technologist & programmer as an Logic & ProTools engineer (Apple Certified Pro Logic Studio – Apple Distinguished Professional Audio - Digidesign Certified Pro Tools Expert Music / Operator Music & Post), but also He devotes a good part of his time to a didactic activity being one of the World’s very few Instructor (Apple Certified Master Trainer Logic Studio – Digidesign Certified Pro Tools Instructor), authorized to teach and issue either the all Apple Logic Studio (Logic Level 1 & Level 2) and Avid/Digidesign Pro Tools Level 100/110/201/210 official certifications. 

As an Educator (Logic & Pro Tools Instructor), He has been the pleasure of teaching, getting “users” certified, and collaborating with some of the most famous Academies, Universities, AATCs and Digidesign Schools of the world: Academy of the Arts & Professions of entertainment at Milan’s Teatro alla Scala, Espero (AATC - Milan, IT), Musicarte (AATC - Rome, IT), SOHO Editors (AATC - London, UK), University of California Los Angeles (UCLA Extension), Musicians Institute (R.I.T.) (Hollywood, CA),  John Lennon Educational Tour Bus (USA), Digital Media Academy (Stanford University, CA), Paramount Pictures (Los Angeles, CA), Grammy Museum (Los Angeles, CA), Guitar Center / GC Studios (Woodland Hills, CA), Moviola (Hollywood, CA).

Last but not least He has been read on MacWorld (IT) magazine and website where he has been working on his own editorial “Digital Hub"; He’s "I-LIFE PRO" book’s author, as well (MacWorld – september 05).

He lives in Beverly Hills with his lovable wife Alessandra & beautiful daughther Angelica.


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"Curiosity may have killed the cat, but at least the cat died knowing."

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